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Beverly Shaffer Piano Studio

GOALS     The goals of this studio are to enrich the lives of students by providing them with a thorough knowledge of music, to provide a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue a career in music, and to help each student gain a lifetime enjoyment of music.

– Beverly Shaffer founder of the Beverly Shaffer Piano Studio

The studio has been operating in its current location in Montgomery, Alabama, since 1978.

See our page on Beverly Shaffer for more information on our talented, educated and student oriented piano tutor.

Easy to find – and easy to get to – our studio is “near so much” but out of the traffic.

Beverly Shaffer’s Piano Studio is sure to be near you.  Located in a wooded area in the Dalraida residential neighborhood, the studio provides a quiet, peaceful setting for students to learn in a stress free environment.

You’ll enjoy getting piano lessons in the studio’s lovely local Montgomery location.

The studio space itself is very spacious with lots of comfortable seating.

The studio offers everything our student’s need to advance their skills, be comfortable, and be in the best attitude for growing their piano skills.

  • Two pianos (an upright and a grand) allow for:
    • a flexible teaching approach
    • playing of duets
    • working on concerto pieces (with the student playing the piano part on the grand piano and Beverly playing the orchestral reduction on the upright.)
    •  Duets and concerto pieces are both optional
  • Paintings by renowned local artists adorn the walls. The fireplace (while not used in years) adds to the solid quality of the space.  Here you feel like you are in a “true music studio” not another fly by night chain that you can find renting space in a commercial plaza somewhere in town.
  • Parents have a truly comfortable space to wait in when needed.

It’s easy to feel you’ve come someplace special to study piano or learn how to play a keyboard.

At Beverly’s Piano Studio you can expand your skills – just the way you want.

Although several of Beverly’s students have won first place awards in state, regional and local competitions preparation for and participation in competitive piano recitals is absolutely optional.  However, Beverly feels that playing the piano for others is important and she provides an opportunity for students to do this in quarterly Group Classes.

Interested in learning more about how we incorporate the latest modern technologies with our traditional piano lessons and skills with the piano keyboard?

See our page on the Computer Lab for Piano Lessons.

Want to know more about the tuition at Beverly’s Piano StudioOur tuition page should be able to give you the information you need – or feel free to contact Beverly Shaffer.