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There are plenty of great reasons to study with Beverly Shaffer.

How to Play Piano

You may be curious – what exactly is behind learning how to play piano.  This page is has some very shareable information on what skills students are building as they get better and better at tinkling the ivories.

Piano Lessons Near Me

You need a great place for piano lessons with a “near me” location that makes sense – taking classes at this pleasant, professional and easy to get to studio makes sense:

  • for anyone living in Montgomery (even from areas like Pike Road and Millbrook) it’s very accessable by car
  • if you live in one of the smaller towns around Montgomery, the studio’s location is simple and direct to drive to – and a pleasant private neighborhood to be in year round
  • even from areas like Pike Road and Millbrook these piano and keyboard lessons qualify as  “near me”
  • you feel safer in this pleasant Dalrida neighborhood then in a typical commercial space

Beverly Shaffer – Your Favorite Piano Teacher – Montgomery

You’re looking for a special person as your piano tutor.  Beverly Shaffer has been teaching piano since 1978.  Beverly makes strong relationships with her students.  Learn more about Beverly Shaffer piano tutor.

Piano – Keyboard – perfect for someone who wants to learn to play any keyboard

These days plenty of people are investing in simple (electronic) keyboards that are as versitile as inexpensive.  You can travel with them to any party or your next gig.  Beverly’s methods can give you a great foundation – especially as your lessons are shaped around your goals as a musician.   Keyboarding lessons through the piano can really ground your future music making.

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Piano Keyboard Blog

Here you’ll find some other topics that folks near us in the Montgomery, Alabama area are interested in knowing.  We like to go directly to their search term and provide information about pianos, keyboards, piano lessons, etc.