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Group Piano Classes – Montgomery

Group Piano Classes can be delightful.

Piano Classes are a lot of fun for students of all ages – young and old, beginner and accomplished.

Are you sending your child to learn piano or are you wanting to take adult piano lessons yourself? Definitely take a look at that information here on the studio’s website – but don’t pass up learning about how piano students also build their skills by working in mixed groups regularly.

Group piano classes at Beverly Shaffer’s Piano Studio are pretty special.

Every six to eight weeks each student attends a Group Class instead of his or her regularly scheduled private lesson.

Group Classes generally include at least three components.

    • The first component is the performance of each student’s current repertoire.
    • For the second component each student gives a short report, which can be read from prepared text or from notes in outline form, about the piece they played.  The report could be about the structure or the historical significance of the piece or about the life and times of the composer. Whatever is of interest to the student is encouraged.
    • The third component includes watching DVDs or videos that Beverly has selected from the internet about the pieces students just played.  These videos might be about a famous pianist playing a student’s piece, about the composer, or even a dance set to a student’s piece.  For each group class Beverly Shaffer personally spends hours looking for just the right videos — and she always finds really good ones.


But wait – there’s more!

  • The fourth component (the fourth of three) is just a little snack, which Beverly has prepared and which students enjoy while watching the videos.

Beginners nerves?  Does this sound a teeny bit scary – because you’re a little nervous?

Sometimes beginning students are reluctant to participate, but that’s Ok – they can just come and observe until they are ready to join in.