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Piano Lessons for Kids

Piano Lessons for Kids


Kids coming in for piano lessons?  Extremely popular at Beverly Shaffer’s Piano Studio!

Soon there will be more information about why Beverly Shaffer’s Piano Studio is a great place to bring your child to learn to play piano and develop a lifelong love of music – check back with us for it.

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You can be sure that Beverly will share her enthusiasm for teaching piano to students.  It’s her enthusiasm, her knowledge and her warm and friendly approach to piano lessons that have made an impact of children taking piano lessons in Montgomery for years now.

Piano lessons for kids are a specialty of Beverly’s.

Beverly has attended numerous workshops, master classes, seminars, etc., on piano pedagogy (teaching piano).

She understands that one of the most important aspects for anyone learning piano is to not experience failure.

This is especially true for young children.  Beverly has the patience of Job – never raising her voice or criticizing.  She always creates a positive learning experience for her students.

Having fun is a central theme of Beverly’s teaching philosophy.

Music should be a joyous experience for both performer and listener.  If young students don’t enjoy their lessons chances are they won’t enjoy playing when they become adults.

Can young students learn at their own pace?  Of course they can.

Progress is not competitive and Beverly sets individual goals in accordance with each student’s ability to move forward.

Group piano classes for kids are planned for everyone to thrive.

Also Group Classes  are not structured on a “who’s the best” kind of ordering.  Instead Beverly’s uses these lessons as:

  • an opportunity for students to show their accomplishments in a non-competitive setting
  • and for kids to get a little exposure to playing in front of others.

How old should a child be before starting lessons?

It’s not so much a matter of age as it is a matter of fundamental skills.

  • When a child has a good start on learning to read they are usually ready to begin piano lessons.
  • Attention span is also important, so a beginning student should be able to sit still for a reasonable length of time and pay attention without a lot of wiggling and fidgeting